Study & Live in Australia?

The Engineering Institute of Technology’s (EIT) engineering degrees, open doors to many valuable opportunities, which will help empower one’s career shaping experience.

Our world-class engineering degrees are ideal for:

  • A student who is looking to study a bachelor degree in engineering.
  • A student who is looking to study a master degree in engineering.
  • A student wishing to learn from lecturers who are highly experienced engineers, with real-world knowledge, NOT just academic.
  • Having the flexibility of being able to start OR finish your degree anywhere in the world!
    For example, you could start with our Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation) Degree, studying online whilst in your home country (reducing your costs of travel and living expenses). You could then complete our Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) Degree on-campus* in Australia (*subject to successful admission assessment by EIT and approval of an Australian Student Visa).
  • A student wishing to choose a more affordable engineering degree, in comparison to Australian education providers offering an engineering degree.
  • A student who is looking for a truly international perspective. We have lecturers from all over the globe, who will stream in to the classroom and teach various topics.
  • A student who wants to be apart of a college who specialises in engineering. We focus our resources towards this, to ensure that course content will remain current with rapid-changing technology.
  • A student wanting dedicated support and small class sizes.
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