Want to study in the UK?

The UK has always been one of the most popular study abroad destinations, and for good reason! Undergraduate and postgraduate students can benefit from a huge breadth of quality courses provided by the UK’s world-renowned universities. And if you’re looking to improve your English ability in a language school, there’s no better place to do it than the home of the English language. Whatever kind of student you are, the vast array of choice means that there is a perfect course for you in the UK. However, the bewildering number of options can also make it difficult for you to choose – and that is why DCC are here to help.

Not only are we on hand to help you choose the right school and course, we can also help you through every stage of the application process. Oh, and did we mention that we can do all that for free!? All this is possible because we work in partnership with UK universities, language schools and pathway providers.

Unlimited, FREE help and advice to all international students who want to apply to Universities (as well as Language and High Schools) in the UK. This means you will have all the help you need to get a successful offer to study in the UK

Knowledge of the UK education market – our staff have over 50 years experience of helping students to achieve their dream of studying in the UK by successful placements at the University most suited to your needs.

Any university in the UK. Yes that is right! We do not restrict your choice in any way, and every assistance is given to find the right course to match your needs. We’ll then complete all application procedures smoothly and without fuss.

Support you throughout your studies in the UK, from the minute you contact us until you receive your qualification. This offers you complete confidence that you will always have someone to help you now during all of your time in the UK.

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