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Dahenric Crest Consult is one of the premiere training companies in Nigeria. Our seminars and workshops include Office Administration Finance and Accounting with and Human Resources with Customer Sales and Marketing Relationship Service Training.

At Dahenric Crest Consult Nigeria Limited, we partner with companies in many industries across the country and abroad and ensure that they run in the most efficient, effective and profitable way. As one of the top training companies in Nigeria we offer a wide variety of seminars and workshops, including human resources with customer sales and marketing relationship service training.

We will work with your business’s management staff to create a program that will move your organization to the next level. We understand that every business owner has different needs and we will listen to you carefully throughout our entire working relationship using our excellent methodology all through the process.

Talent Management, Automating Processes and Earning you a high ROI is our best value and crucial to the core of our business. As a professional training and Consulting organisation, DAHENRIC CREST CONSULT exists to improve professionals by building the capability of people throughout the world.


At Dahenric Crest Consult, At Dahenric Crest Consult, we are passionate about Global collaboration and organisational development to achieve enhanced and viable outcomes.Our training faculty work together with firms to provide hands-on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges by developing their human resources, building their brands as well as promoting their product and services thereby strengthening their image. Our team are focused in fostering Human capital development in management, technical know-how, IT proficiency ranging from Training Services, Outsourcing services and Team Building.

Our trainers want to support you in meeting your specific needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving the sum and substance of your organisation and to foster your competitive edge.

For decades now, DAHENRIC CREST CONSULT has been assessing organisations in diverse sectors and global locations against a comprehensive set of standards, helping them to make a significant improvement to their businesses and corporate operations. Get your processes right and you will ensure consistency and clarity, enabling your organisation to monitor and measure effectiveness, and identify and address inefficiencies.

Our Value proposition is our ability to create our services to fit in into the specific requests of our clients.We are focused on developing individuals as well institutions.

No matter what your sector, your specific challenges or how effectively your current professional function operates, DAHENRIC CREST CONSULT can help you to build the technical and Management skills you need to achieve your strategic aims in a changing environment.









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