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DCC - Dahenric Crest Consult is a consultancy firm with excellence and professionalism as our focal point. Our core value is our consistent practice and what we offer to our clients at every point. Service is strategic to us and excellently, we will deliver!

Our variety of services ranges from International Education Student Placement, Career Counselling, Visits and Tourism, Event Business, Training and consultancy. Therefore, we focus on what your desires are, and fit our services accordingly.

Our offices are strategically located in different parts of the country so as to serve you better. We have offices in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan.

At Dahenric Crest Global Consult Limited, we understand that aspiring to undertake an International Education in any field of interest could be the best thing you ever do. As the world becomes more globalized, Obtaining a degree abroad is a plus to your Education portfolio and is becoming a exploration to employers in Nigeria.

As the world becomes more globalize, getting a degree from a foreign country is something that has become increasingly popular and attractive to employers in Nigeria.

Discover Amazing Study Abroad Programs in over 200 Universities through our International Students Placement department and also take advantage of our career counselors to guide you through your Study Options. DCC Event Business outlines expert Techniques and Time-Saving Tips for Organizing Your Workload, Prioritizing Your Day, and Taking Control of Your Schedule and making your experience a success story.


Need Virtual/Online Service? Our dedicated Virtual Agents are ready to assist you all the way.

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