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Dahenric Crest Global Consult Limited is a leading service and consultancy firm in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in providing an unparalleled professional experience aimed at bridging the educational divide in institutions, corporate organizations and governmental bodies.

Through our vast years of experience, we have developed a growing passion and desire for the exposure and positive change in Individuals and Institutions at large, through trainings, innovations and creative ideas, Event Management , Training and consultancy, Career Counseling and Student Placements, Visa processing , Tourism Management, thereby making us the place to call for your demand and preference

For smooth event implementation, and for business success, it is essential that planners know how to manage their own time as well as they manage an event. We help you in the following areas:

We help you in the following areas:

    • Guide and assist you in actualizing your International Study aspiration
    • Assessment of Documentations
    • Admission Processing
    • English Proficiency Test Advisory
    • Career Coaching and counseling
    • Immigration Support and Assistance
    • Accommodation Support Service
    • Visa assistance¬† for students and tourist
    • Analyze and Prioritize tasks.
    • Structure your workload and your day for maximum performance.
    • Identify red-flag activities that hinder productivity.
    • Reduce stress-producing time crunches.
    • Identify when extra help is needed, as well as how to delegate, outsource, and even partner with suppliers in crunch periods.
    • Work with rather than against deadlines.
    • Save time using technology.
    • Manage multiple projects, even in multiple time zones.
    • Balance your personal and professional life.


    Yemisi  Poju-Babalola
    Lead Consultant

    T:+234 7026138434
    M: +234 8028421177, +234 8021323491,
    Email: info@dahenricrestconsult.com , dahenricrest@gmail.com


...Tomorrow Starts Now.